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BBQs and outdoor events

BBQ Selection

Standard Menu

100% Butchers Beefburgers
Cumberland Sausages
Chicken Skewers in a Bbq marinade
Vegetarian Burgers/Sausages
 Homemade coleslaw

Bronze Menu

100% Butchers Beefburgers with Cheese Slices
Cumberland Sausages
Chicken Skewers inTandoori and Cajun
Sticky Maple Beef Satay
Vegetable Brochettes
Mixed salad, homemade coleslaw, pesto past salad

Silver Menu

Pork and Apple Sausages
King Prawn and red pepper skewers
Hawaiian Chicken Satay
100%Butchers Beefburgers
Mushroom and Halloumi Kebabs
Brioche Buns/Butter
Mixed Salad, Parsley/Bacon Potato salad, Tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil balsamic dressing