Food for Thought Sandwich platter for partys.

Food for Thought Sandwich Platter?

Having a party? Ooh wouldn't it be nice to have a selection of sandwiches made up and delivered to your door! Our Sandwich platters are just that. Tasty wholesome and cost effective fillings providing you and your guests with a finger selection to make your mouth water.

Let's have a chat about your style of party!

Services we also provide are: Home food deliveries, Tailor made menus, Themed Catering, Charity Event Catering, Corporate event dinners, Business training lunches, Reception catering, and Christmas parties.

"I was going to get my sandwich platters from Waitrose but they just didn't quite have the combination I wanted. Sandra put together a delicious selection based on my choices and they were delicious. There wasn't one left at the end of the party, I should have ordered more!"